Faccin at Fabtech 2016

The Faccin Group keeps rolling on and the future is bright


The Faccin Group, recognized worldwide leader in metal forming, offer the widest range of light to heavy bending machinery—plate bending rolls, profile bending machines, dished head machinery and special machines, including ship frame bending rolls and presses and plate-straightening machines—from any one manufacturer. Today The Faccin Group has more than 10,000 units installed around the world. At least 4,000 units are in North America.

Faccin Metal Rolling Machine

The Faccin Group will maintain and strengthen this ideology: “True manufacturer—from raw materials to finished machine.”

“In 2015 we registered group sales of about $55 million (U.S.)—our best year ever. However, we did not want to rest on our laurels, and after 50 years of growth as a family company, we felt it was time to open The Faccin Group to new partners, bringing organizational and managerial support,” says Nicola Faccin, shareholder and board member. “Customers are getting more and more demanding. We face new challenges, but we are definitely aware of significant opportunities to consolidate and strengthen our leadership position.”

On June 29, 2016, after long consideration The Faccin Group entered into a new era of its successful development. Two major European Investment funds, Consilium of Italy and Access Capital Partners with offices in five major European countries, became shareholders of The Faccin Group.

Technology has always been at the center of the Faccin ideology—both with design and manufacturing. The company keeps track of the construction of all machines at every stage of production—from receipt of the order to the in-house engineering department to the production department. In production, the entire machine construction process takes place in-house, from electro-welding structures to machining the structures and forged rolls to assembly, pre-delivery quality assurance tests and shipping.

North America has always been considered the most important market for Faccin. After an initial period of cooperation with some of the best-known importers in the U.S. market, Faccin USA was incorporated and became the first European manufacturer of plate bending rolls to open a branch in North American. “Working in close cooperation with a network of resources from selected franchise dealers, we are capable of providing planned and emergency services within the U.S. and Canada with our Ohio-based service team. We also have the added support of full access from our head office’s engineering department for any special issues,” says Randy St. Clair, service manager of the U.S. company.

FABTECH 2016 is an ideal opportunity to launch a series of initiatives that will stimulate your interest in the products and quality offered by The Faccin Group:

  • Faccin USA (Booth C27033) will focus on variable geometry plate rolls, section bending rolls and the most advanced CNC plate-bending roll in the world.
  • Boldrini/Roundo (Booth C33103) will focus on the new Boldrini Flanging Automated System for unmanned head flanging and the proprietary Hydraulic Extended Diagnostic.

The latest entry into the group is Roundo. “We recently acquired the complete Roundo intellectual property rights on an exclusive basis,” says Nicola Faccin. “At FABTECH our customers will see the first results of our work with two new Roundo models, which feature original designs but with a new package to revamp the old CNCs. These new Roundo models are now available for delivery.”


The Faccin Group will remain at the top level of knowledge and will use the most advanced technologies available for the industry.

Faccin Angle Roll
Faccin Plateroll
Faccin Dishing Press

The Faccin Group senior management are attending and welcome the opportunity to meet with you!