Flanging Machine BF

Faccin offers the widest range of dished head flanging machines on the international market, machines able to improve production quality while reducing costs.

BF Machines are automatic flanging machines built with the characteristic C-shaped heavy duty electro-welded structure, manufactured with the maximum precision of machining carried out in-house by Faccin. The structures of the flanging machines, like all the other machines from Faccin, are built with quality steel plates coming from Italy or Germany, certified and ultrasonic tested to guarantee the maximum reliability of the machines. After welding, the structures are subject to stress relief through heat treatment.

The machinery movements are fully hydraulic and the whole system is protected against overload by safety valves. The internally designed hydraulic system is the core of the flanging machines and is built with premium components like Rexroth and Hawe that guarantee the maximum efficiency and precision in the movements.

In the standard configuration, Faccin’s BF flanging machines are equipped with an automatic working cycle to assure the utmost ease of use during the flanging process, even by inexperienced operators. The automatic pressure control assures the minimum thinning of the plates, which means a lot of money saved by the customers.
Faccin R&D have also developed a full CNC for flanging machines that consists of position control that ensure the creation of full automatic programs that guarantee they are easy to learn and have maximum repeatability.

The BF range of flanging machines are available for dished heads with or without a central hole and for thickness that goes from 2mm up to 50 mm in cold forming.

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