Hydraulic Presses for Dished End PPM+MA

PPM is the series of sturdy, reliable and efficient Faccin hydraulic dishing presses. Those designed and built by Faccin are presses suited to dished head crowning, featuring an exclusive design with threaded rods and available in various sizes: to choose the exact size you need to calculate the dimension of the largest development of the metal plate to be processed; then you may decide the distance between the uprights.

Faccin’s PPM series of hydraulic dishing presses are built with the exclusive HPT system utilising two solid forged tie rods (permanently preloaded) to keep the frame connected to the top rail. Thanks to the HPT system, which is able to minimise frame deformation, dished heads presses of the PPM range assure forming precision and high reliability.

Faccin also offers cheaper solutions to manufacture dished heads and tanks. In these lines for dished heads the frame is connected to the upper beam with keys machined on the structure or just welded to the structure in single monolithic pieces.

The company also offers effective handling systems designed to allow for accurate positioning of the plate under the dies of the hydraulic dishing presses. Faccin’s automatic manipulators in the MA range assure high quality and offer several advantages. By using the automatic manipulators for dished heads, in fact, it is possible to optimise production saving time and processing several plates at once.

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