Shipbuilding Press PPS

With many years of experience in the production of metal bending machines, Faccin designs, manufactures and sells special machines for the shipbuilding sector that are widely applied in the building industry as well and in the construction of metal structures in general.

PPS is the line of Faccin presses able to meet a number of needs in metal forming, levelling, bending, curving and 3D modelling. PPS series models are portal presses, universal and versatile machines featuring by a master cylinder which may be equipped with various tools for 3D forming of sheet metal and profiles. Faccin’s PPS shipbuilding presses are supplied with a data collection and monitoring system that makes it possible to optimise the production cycle.

The exclusive structural design and innovative electronic and hydraulic control assure a sturdy, stable shipbuilding press, precise in positioning and reliable over time. Faccin’s 3D PPS forming presses are available with different capacities (from 150 to over 5000 tonnes) and different sizes (from 2 up to 10 m gap between uprights). In addition, for creating an automatic cycle, the machines in the range may be integrated with controlled crane handling systems.

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