Angle Roll RCMI

Advanced technology for profile bending

RCMI is the series of section rolls specifically designed by Faccin for bending profiles with high flexion strength modulus.

The RCMI range angle rolls have a sturdy, generously sized structure able to assure maximum reliability and bending precision over time. This structure is constructed with heavy gauge steel plates of certified quality and is electro-welded and thermally treated in order to eliminate residual internal tensions.

Superior rolling precision

The large series of rolls supplied as standard equipment allows all the standard profiles to be rolled (included beams, columns and channels rolled on edge).
The adaptability of the special modular system of bending rolls guarantees the best possible guide for the profile during the complete rolling process.
The set of rolls for the RCMI profile bending machines are well known for their ease of use and fast change configuration that guarantee quick changes, which is extremely valuable in term of time saving for customers who are frequently bending different sizes and types of profiles.
The four lateral guide rolls are, as standard, independently adjustable in six directions to guarantee the best control of the planarity of rolling, to calibrate diameters and to prevent twisting of asymmetrical sections. All RCMI section rolls feature three rolls that are independently motorized as standard, which guarantees the maximum bending torque and automatic compensation for peripheral speeds.

Faccin Profile Bending Machines are well known for their advanced hydraulic system that guarantees smooth movements, infinitely variable speed and interpolation axis in order to make multi-radii shapes along the same profile. Bending multi-radii shapes is a job where numerical control frequently comes into place. After many decades of developments and experience, Faccin is proud of supplying the highest level of CNC for profile bending machines that feature profile libraries, automatic calculation of the bending cycle, unlimited program storage, automatic interpolation axis, program self correction and many other advanced features.

Pipe rolling

RCMI machines are frequently used for bending round pipes and square pipes. Faccin can supply specially shaped rolls for any size of pipe.
Faccin is also specialized in proposing special solutions for reducing pipes deformation when bending small radii. In fact, the RCMIs machines can be equipped with a mandrel that keeps the pipes in shape during the bending. The mandrel bending is also used for special bending purposes like roller coasters, where 3D bending is required. Faccin has a lot of experience in 3D bending, having supplied machines with a special push and turn system that guarantees the bending of pipes in 3D with minimum deformation.

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