Shipbuilding Plate Roll RP

Faccin has designed a range of solutions able to meet the production requirements of the shipbuilding and aerospace industries. RP Roll Press is a line of large-sized bending rolls designed to bend plates even wider than 20 m. The special machines are able to effectively combine the production speed of a bending press with the versatility of a press brake.

Faccin’s large-sized RP bending rolls feature a solid oversized structure that allows even high hardness plates to be bent very accurately. The two cylinders installed on the uprights of RP bending rolls guarantee the high tonnage of the machines, while the three tilting rolls make it possible to bend conical and asymmetrical parts, typical in the structures of ship hulls. The machine’s rolls feature independent movement: in the “bending roll” configuration, the top roll moves vertically while the bottom two move horizontally. In the “press” configuration, instead, the upper roll is replaced with a tool and a die is mounted on the lower rolls.

Thanks to constant control of all axes during the bending cycle, the machines in Faccin’s RP range offer a finished product of superior quality, minimising the need for subsequent calibration. The roll anti-deflection system makes Faccin’s large-sized RP bending rolls very versatile, allowing you to bend large and small radii without affecting the maximum rollable thicknesses. The anti-deflection system of the fitted rolls also assures the maximum tolerances of the finished product.

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