Angle Roll TAURUS

Taurus is the series of variable geometry bending rolls designed by Faccin with a special design with three independently motorized rolls: the side rolls move horizontally while the central one moves vertically.

The optimal bending geometry of the Taurus series section rolling machines reduces the waste of material to be removed at both ends of the profiles.

Solidity, versatility and utmost accuracy of movement: the Taurus section rolling machine by Faccin assures maximum precision in bending small profiles (closed roll configuration) and at the same time, excellent bending ability of large profiles and with high resistance modulus (open roll configuration). For this reason, the profile bending machines from the Taurus range by Faccin are ideal for bending small-sized profiles and also for heavy metal fabrication work up to 1,000 in³ capacity.

Profiles bent with the Taurus series machines are widely used in the construction sector for works such as bridges, stadiums, airports and metal structures in general.

Taurus profile bending machines are also widely used to bend aluminium profiles. In fact, thanks to their variable geometry design, they can assure the ideal load on the profile section, guaranteeing minimal profile deformation.