The Metal Forming European Elite at the Faccin Group’s event in Visano Italy


Visano, Italy 29th May. The Faccin Group‘s long-awaited In-House Exhibition was successfully held on May 9th and 10th, 2023, at its Headquarters located in Visano, Italy. The event was thoughtfully divided into two days, with the 9th catering exclusively to Italian attendees and the 10th welcoming international visitors. An impressive turnout of distinguished attendees from the metal forming sector was observed, representing a diverse range of nationalities exceeding 30. The In-House Exhibition was met with great enthusiasm and proved to be a valuable platform for industry professionals to connect and exchange ideas.


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The event was graced by renowned hosts and speakers, and a team of highly qualified professionals from the group. They presented the company’s cutting-edge innovations in forming technology, with a strong emphasis on enhancing performance and reducing costs. The focus on improving performance and reducing energy costs demonstrated the group’s commitment to engineering excellence and environmental sustainability.

As one of the industry’s leading innovators, the event highlighted the latest achievements from the group’s premium brands Faccin, Roundo and Boldrini:

• The presentation of the newly developed Eyebend™, an advanced laser-based plate roll measurement system designed to quickly, and accurately, calculate the developing plate radius during the rolling process. This technologically advanced method of precise and contactless measuring provides real-time feedback and radius self-correction through the CNC control. This integrated measuring system can easily perform multiple radii checks at any time throughout a roll. Typically, pre-cut templates are used to manually check the radius at intervals during the roll. However, accuracy is sacrificed if the time and effort is not taken to intermittently stop, measure, and manually correct the radius throughout the rolling process. Repeating this process during a rolling sequence greatly increases production time, and if not done properly can result in time wasted re-rolling to meet critical specifications.

Siemens CNC – the PGS-Absolute™ launched. The upgraded version caters to the market’s demand for an HMI that is user-friendly and easily navigable. It comes with advanced programming that has a wider range of materials archive, making it easier to apply the bending factor corrector. The new CNC PGS-Absolute also has an added advantage of graphic real-time simulation, including complex shapes, and automatic re-alignment for conical plates. In addition to the key features mentioned, it is imperative to consider the ability to choose and incorporate supplementary axes, seamless integration with Eyebend™, cutting-edge wind energy functionalities, and efficient maintenance as vital attributes in the user’s selection process. These cutting-edge functions are all expertly controlled by the new CNC PGS-Absolute, representing a major advancement in the industry.

• Introduction of advanced features to the company’s plate rolls and dished end lines. These upgrades have been designed to provide unparalleled precision and performance, ensuring users receive the best possible results from the equipment. The R&D team has worked diligently to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into these machines. With these new features, the group’s plate rolls, and dished end lines are ready to take on even the most challenging projects with ease.

• Presentation of an integrated solution to reduce energy costs across all operations within the company’s portfolio.

Case studies of renowned worldwide manufacturers.

Live machine demonstrations.


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