Invitation to Faccin Event Water Forming of Polycentric Dished End

After the great success of the previous Dished Ends production Event, we are glad to announce another Open Day at Faccin where we will show the production of Dished Ends with our PPH Water Press.
The PPH together with a 6m CNC Plate Roll for the truck tanks manufacturing will be in our facilities in September.
We are glad to invite the main truck tanks manufacturers to discover new ways to improve their productivity and quality by using our newest technology. During the live test will be possible to check how easy and fast is the production of polycentric dished ends with the PPH, that without needs of expert operators can produce in few minutes dished ends within the tightest tolerances.
Furthermore, for the interested customers, we’ll have the possibility to show a demo of a CNC automatic rolling of a polycentric aluminium truck tank body.
Please, feel free to contact us and confirm your presence at the first event in week 38 or at the second in week 39; after the test we will be glad to show you our facilities and to assist you in your investment evaluation!

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