Long CNC Plate Rolls for Truck Tanks manufacturing

Over the years Faccin have become the preferred supplier to the majority of the Truck Tanks Manufacturers for their bending requirements. Specializing in the production of Long Plate Rolls, 6m, 8m and even 10m, Faccin can provide solutions for all the bending needs in the manufacture of Alluminium, Steel or Stainless Steel Tanks. Faccin provide special solutions for roll cambering, automatic CNC for complex shapes and automated handling systems to answer the most demending problems associated with the rolling of extra long plates.

We take pleasure in invititing all interested customers to visit our works and see the machines currently in manufacture.

Water Press: Fast Production of Polycentric Dished Ends

FACCIN are well know for their Dishing Presses and Flanging Machines for circular dished ends, maybe not everybody knows that for years we have been manufacturing Special machines to complete the range Truck Tanks Manufacturers. The FACCIN Water Presses, for example, have been used for years for the fast and simple production of polycentric dished ends.
Please, take the chance to come to see this special machine currently in assembly in our factory and discover how fast and cost effective is the PPH Water Press!

july-2015-image-1 july-2015-image-2