The widest range of products for any forming needs

For 50 years Faccin have been designing and manufacturing Plate Rolling Machines, Profile Bending Machines, Dished Ends Production Lines and special custom made solutions for steel deformation such as Plate Straitening Machines, 3D Portal Presses and Bulb Benders for Shipyards.


Plate Rolling Machines for any thickness and length

Faccin manufacture all the kinds of Plate Rolls available on the market.
HCU 2 rolls Fast Plate Rolls are available for manufacturing thin pipes for HVAC application;
3HEL 3 rolls Double Pinch Pyramid popular for small and medium applications;
HAV 3 rolls Variable Geometry ideal for heavy rolling needs.
The complete range of thicknesses is covered by the 4HEL 4 rolls Double Initial Pinch that can be equipped with complete automation and CNC.

Profile Bending Machines for beams, pipes and a lot more

There’s no limits to the bending capabilities of the Faccin RCMI Profile Bending Machines, for Stadiums, Malls, Rollercoaster, Airports, Bridges and any kind of Steel Structures.
Special tools to solve the most common problems in bending profiles have been designed and developed by Faccin by drawing on the experience of thousands of our customers.
Innovative NEW CNC is available for bending normal profiles, pipes and beams in automatic operation.

Forming Lines for Dished Ends and Shipyard

Faccin have become the leading supplier of Dishing Presses and Flanging Machines for the production of Dished Ends. Building Presses with capacities from 100 up to 5.000 Tons and Flanging Machines with capacities up to 10m (32′) diameter and 75mm (3″) thickness,
Faccin can fulfil all the needs of the manufacturers of Dished Ends.
Portal Presses have a wide application also in the Shipbuilding Industry in fact thanks to special engineered tools, Faccin supply complete solutions for bending the ship’s hull and bulbs.