Faccin Plate Rolling Machine for Wind Towers

Wind Towers

Wind towers are slightly conical metal tubular structures obtained by rolling plates of different thicknesses. Wind towers can have different heights depending on the propeller mounted and installed turbine power: on-shore wind towers typically are smaller and are made of metal plates between 40 mm and 60 mm thick. Offshore wind towers, however, are built by bending metal plates even thicker than 80 mm. The latter, moreover, are anchored to the seabed by means of various types of foundations such as tripods, jackets or monopiles, also constructed using plate rolling.

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Dealing with a highly competitive market, manufacturers in the sector require machines able to assure high productivity. Faccin offers 3-roll and 4-roll bending rolls ideal in the production of wind towers and foundations. The Giotto angle rolls by Faccin are an excellent solution for hot bending the flanges used in wind turbines.