Faccin S.p.A. designs, manufactures and supplies a range of profile bending machines designed to support extreme rolling performance. Faccin’s angle rolls are technologically advanced, reliable and precise machines able to assure excellent bending quality and maximum productivity over time. Faccin’s roll bending machines are suitable for bending steel, stainless steel and aluminium profiles and beams of various shapes and sizes.

With the aim to efficiently satisfy the most diverse processing requirements, Faccin constructs and markets various types of angle roll bending machines. The range includes two high performance models the RCMI and the Taurus.

RCMI, double pinch angle rolls is specifically designed for bending profiles and angles with high flexion strength modulus. The RCMI is the most common Three-roll Section Bending Machine: one roll is fixed and the other two rolls are moving up and down and towards the central roll with planetary movement. Thanks to these movements, the RCMI can bend profiles at any diameter. The side rolls are moved through hydraulic cylinders that are transferring the bending force to the shaft rolls. All the three rolls are driven in order to have the maximum torque transmission to the profile.
The RCMI Profile Bending Machine is equipped with a series of modular rolls that makes it possible to bend different profiles and angles with maximum accuracy and minimum deformation. With the modular rolls, it is possible to bend flat bars, square bars, round bars, T-profile and angle in all the bending ways and with a set of universal rolls, it is also possible to bend I beams, H beams and U channels for structural steel.

Taurus is the variable geometry angle roll suitable for bending aluminium profiles and for heavy metal fabrication work. The Taurus Profile Bending Machine has variable geometry. In fact, the rolls’ distance is changing according to the profile that has to be bent. The Taurus machine has the top roll moving vertically and the side roll moving horizontally, changing the momentum of the bending force according to the strength of the profile. The Taurus is a very versatile machine, ideal for bending a wide range of angles and profiles, from small to big, minimizing the flat part and the scrap material.