3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine 3HEL

Precise, reliable and powerful, the 3HEL series represents the latest evolution of the traditional 3-roll double pinch bending roll. Stemming from Faccin’s long experience in manufacturing bending machinery, the range is designed to meet the needs of the metal fabrication sector in terms of sturdiness, ease of use and versatility.

3HEL is the series of highly powerful, pyramidal linear guide bending rolls capable of assuring superior results with no power losses. In 3HEL models all 3 rolls are motorized with independent hydraulic gear motors directly coupled on the shafts of the rolls, a major advantage that assures the superiority of these plate bending machines by torque and rotational speed.

A standard feature of all 3HEL models designed and built by Faccin is the RGS side guide configuration; it minimises the distance between the points of application of the forces at play, assuring superior rolling quality and optimised machine performance.

The pyramidal bending rolls are also equipped with an MCS multi bearing system able to improve their reliability and versatility. Thanks to this system, each lower roll is fitted with 4 independent bearings that increase the load absorption capacity and aid side roll tilting when rolling cones. The MCS system also features, within the linear guides, of large roll supports with lubrication system able to effectively prevent wear of the bending roll.

The 3 roll plate bending machines of the 3HEL series are suitable to bend plates with length from 1500 to 4000 mm and thickness between 3 and 30 mm. For added versatility of use, it is possible to extend the roll shafts for fitting profile bending or tube bending rings.

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