• ASI Test

    Reliability, rolling power and cost-effectiveness: ASI is the initial pinch 3-roll bending roll model designed for high quality cylinder rolling. Thanks to asymmetric geometry in moving rolls, ASI delivers a superior level of rolling. Durable construction for maximum safety, self-supporting frame for placement on any surface. ASI is ideal to bend plates of thickness between 1 and 9 mm and width between 1000 and 3000 mm (40” – 120”).

  • Plate Straightening Machine R Series

    Faccin, with the aim to meet Customers’ production needs, has designed a range of sturdy, reliable and efficient metal plate levellers. Series R is a range of levellers capable of processing plates of any length, up to 4 m wide and thickness up to 70 mm.

  • Shipbuilding Press PPS

    Faccin’s portal presses of the PPS line are universal and versatile machines to meet multiple needs of shipbuilding operators such as forming plates and profiles, levelling, bending, rolling and 3D modelling. Available in capacities from 150 tonnes to over 5000 tonnes and width from 2 to 10 m (6’ – 32’) , the PPS can be equipped with a wide range of dies for special processing.

  • Ship Frame Bending Machine FB

    The angle rolls of the FB series are machines used in the shipbuilding sector as benders for bulbous bows and profile benders of various types. Unique machines on the market, featuring an innovative guide system that allows the profile to be bent in both directions. Faccin’s FB angle rolls are CNC machines able to assure full automation of the production process.

  • Hydraulic Presses for Dished End PPM+MA

    Faccin offers a range of PPM hydraulic presses with an exclusive design with rods. These double column presses feature the exclusive HPT system that minimises deformation of the frame and thus assures forming accuracy and high reliability. To accurately position the plates under the dished head press dies in the PPM series, Faccin offers the automatic manipulators in the MA range. These handling systems allow you to process several plates at the same time, reducing production time and assuring high quality.

  • Hydroforming Press PPH

    The hydroforming machines of Faccin’s PPH series offer high productivity and maximum reliability in forming plates up to 8 mm (5/16”) thick. These machines for dished heads are widely used in the production of truck tanks as they allow for hydroforming dished heads in various shapes including oval and polycentric. Thanks to numerical control included in the supply, Faccin’s PPH water presses assure complete automation of the production process; the optional loading/unloading systems, however, allow production time to be reduced without sacrificing the high quality of the finished product.

  • Circular Shears CB

    Fast, efficient, cost-effective: the flanging shears of the CB series designed and manufactured by Faccin are reliable, technologically advanced and precise solutions for cutting metal plate discs. Available with various capacities (thickness up to 10 mm (3/8”), , diameter up to 5 m (16”), ), the CB flanging shears are available with manual piece loading and unloading or as automatic line. The beading tools supplied with each model assure cutting and beading of thin Stainless steel dished heads for the food industry.

  • Flanging Machine BF

    The flanging machines of Faccin’s BF series are dished head machines capable of guaranteeing high productivity, assuring maximum quality of the final product with cost optimization. BF flanging machines are built with C-shaped electro-welded structures and equipped with forming and flanging rolls in forged alloy steel: this guarantees the maximum machine reliability and long service life. Faccin’s BF range of flanging machines are available for dished heads with or without central hole and for thickness up to 45 mm (1¾”).

  • Angle Roll RCMI

    The double pinch angle rolls of the RCMI series by Faccin are precise and reliable profile bending machines, designed and constructed to assure high bending performance. The solid steel structure of certified quality and the special, very high strength forged steel modular rolls make every model in the RCMI range the ideal angle rolls for bending profiles with high flexion strength modulus. RCMI is able to operate on all standard profiles, including beams and curved ducts in the direction of greater inertia.

  • 4 Rolls Plate Bending Machine 4HEL

    Maximum innovation in plate bending technology: the 4HEL model is the most versatile, accurate and simple to use 4-roll pyramidal electronic bending roll. The most powerful machine amongst CNC linear straight guide bending rolls, assuring high productivity with tripled speed compared to traditional pyramidal bending rolls. The 4HEL series is designed to bend plates with width between 1500 and 18000 mm (5 ft – 60 ft) and cold from 5 to 150 mm (3/16” – 6”), and is used for producing cisterns, pressure vessels and wind towers.

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