Plate Straightening Machine R Series

Faccin’s R series metal plate levellers feature an oversized frame in electro-welded steel which assures maximum reliability and sturdiness.

The main part of the levellers are the rolls in quality steel rolls alloy and heat-treated to be hardened. Each R series machine by Faccin is equipped with 5/7/9 rolls and a couple of extra motorized rolls for easier feeding. The upper rolls are hydraulically positioned and independently adjustable vertically.

They can also be controlled by means of a specific control panel. The lower rolls are also independently motorised through hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes. Going through this series of rolls, metal plates that are not perfectly straight undergo consistent deformation that becomes progressively less until turning into flattening.

The special anti-flexure system of R series metal plate levellers on the lower rolls makes it possible to maintain maximum tolerances even in the crosswise direction of the plate. The same system on the upper rolls is adjustable according to the thickness of the plate to be straightened.

Faccin is able to design and produce customised solutions to effectively meet Customers’ diverse needs.

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