Faccin Institutional Communication

During the coming weeks, we will all be asked to make an extraordinary effort to deal with Covid-19, an emergency that involves our country and is spreading worldwide.

Faccin will do its utmost to remain operational to ensure continuous productivity. Our commercial, administration, technical and service departments will stay 100% available to our customers’ request throughout this difficult time by using our smart working capabilities used since 2011.

I would like to convey as well that we have not sent any communications or messages before advertising the fact that we operate in smart working because: for us it is just an everyday ordinary operational activity.

Our Service department already solves 50% of the cases remotely and all our machines produced since 2018 are prepared for remote maintenance and teleservice.

We can proudly asseverate that we have been working remotely for many years now since we possess state-of-the-art technology that gives us the ability to operate and to guarantee support in any situation and from anywhere, an attribute that should be part of the culture of any modern company and in line with the actual times.

Our long-term vision has prepared us from a technological and service point of view to deal with this emergency, so “#wesmartwork” to be even more attentive to the safety of our colleagues, guaranteeing business continuity for all our customers and to stay connected with all our industrial partners and services.

Andrea Ceretti C.E.O.
Faccin Group