Gain a Competitive Edge with Top-Class Leveling Properties: Faccin Plate Straightening Machine for Miilux Steels


“Thanks to the new Faccin solution, a more efficient roll will be achieved and thus a better correction for larger and harder material strengths”

Miilux Oy is a leading provider of exceptional services to the metal, mining, and stone industry, as well as earth moving and mechanical engineering companies across Finland and worldwide. The company prides itself on its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, delivering top-notch operations, unmatched product quality, swift and dependable deliveries, and an exceptional team of highly skilled professionals. Located in the strategic hub of Raahe, Finland, its state-of-the-art production facilities are conveniently accessible by sea and road. Furthermore, Miilux has established factory sites in Poland and Turkey.

Miilux, as a leader in the industry, is continually seeking opportunities to enhance its production capabilities and investing in cutting-edge technology. This commitment ensures the consistent delivery of top-notch product quality while also meeting the increasing demand for its products.

The Finnish Steel Service Centre was in need of a replacement for its aging 50-year-old plate leveller. After years of use, it was clear that it was time for an upgrade. Olli Mattila, the esteemed Sales and Production Director of Miilux Oy, sheds light on the key factors that drove the decision to invest in a new Faccin equipment. “It is a replacement investment; it was decided to invest in a new straightening machine to replace the current old one. The technical life of our actual straightening roller is approaching its end. Hard and strong Miilux steels require more power from the machine. We want to invest in product quality. With this investment, the level properties of Miilux steels will be top class.
After thorough contemplation spanning over three years, the decision-making process culminated in the meticulous selection of two brands for this procurement.

In short, our needs are the starting point of each of our procurement processes: which are the main requirements expected from the new equipment. We started asking offers to a few machine suppliers, and we meticulously defined our requirements for the machine, considering multiple factors, such as the layout or the most suitable location for the machine installation. During the investment planning procedure, we took into consideration some machine brands as possible valid providers. We collected information as comprehensively as possible and then we compared the pros and cons of the different proposals. Finally, we clarified our requirements, and we went through the possibilities offered by different manufacturers. After all, machines of this type are always more or less customized machines. The final step is deciding and signing the procurement contract” – explains Mattila, talking about the purchasing procedure.

During the assessment of various solutions, a key aspect that was taken into account was the installation of a Faccin plate straightening machine at Miilux branch in Turkey four years ago. The outcome of this installation was highly satisfactory, demonstrating the effectiveness of the machine in terms of reliability and high performance. “We have consciously waited for technical reports from our factory in Turkey, where the straightening machine has been functioning for four years. The operator feedback was very positive. Moreover, the Vossi Group, the esteemed agent of Faccin Group, has been our partner for several of our machine investments. We have a long partnership with both Vossi Group and Faccin Group – the technical assistance provided is always top-level. This favorable decision is the result of many unparalleled advantages. Quality, reliability, price, compliance with our needs, etc.”- proudly lists Mattila.

Maintenance Services are Essential for Machine Investments at Miilux

The efficiency of the maintenance service and the promptness of the response time greatly influence Miilux’s decision-making when it comes to new investments. “Often, the purchase price represents just a small part of the life cycle cost of the machine. Companies invest in machines for fabrication needs, and when they work, they generate invaluable incomes for the company. It is of the utmost importance that the maintenance of the machines is carried out respecting high-quality standards and that any technical problem is resolved quickly. According to our experience, we know that Faccin Group and Vossi Group have invested in the above-mentioned issues” – assures Mattila.

FACCIN Group Tailor-Made Solutions: Following the “Miilux-Style” for Customization Success

According to Mattila, the impressive cost savings achieved through the implementation of the Faccin plate leveller solution at the Miilux Turkish branch can be attributed to its outstanding energy efficiency and top-notch production capabilities. As a result, the Faccin Group has been chosen once more to provide the new acquisition for the Finnish headquarters.

In our case, the challenge was the limited space available, which affected this machine purchase. Faccin Group examined our challenges related to the machine location, designing the so-called “Miilux Style” model for us, the state-of-the-art Faccin R9-2500×30 plate straightening machine. The machine will be placed as an extension of our tempering line, i.e., almost all tempering plates are run through the straightening roll. The straightening capacity of the new machine reaches 20 mm of thickness when it comes to wear steels. The increase in quality achieved with Faccin Group gives our Sales Managers a new opportunity to sell more wear steels and to more destinations. We are looking forward to next summer when the new plate straightening machine will be part of our production process here in Raahe” – concludes Mattila.

New Agreement

Miilux Oy and Faccin Group have officially signed an agreement for another plate straightening machine. From the left to the right, Mr. Kari Joukkola – Sales Director at Vossi; Mr. Atacan Ergin – Quality Engineer at Miilux Oy; Mr. Ilkka Viinikangas – Project Manager at Miilux Oy; Mr. Olli Mattila – Sales and Production Manager at Miilux Oy; Mr. Diego Morbini, Senior Technical Sales Manager at Faccin Group; and Mr. Mikko Harjula – Regional Sales Manager at Miilux Oy.

Miilux Oy has officially signed the purchase agreement for the highly advanced Faccin R9-2500×30 plate straightening machine on September 15, 2023. The handshake sealing the deal took place at Vossi Group Oy during the prestigious Competition Benefit Days, held alongside the renowned Alihankintamessut 2023 exhibition. Miilux’s decision to once again choose Faccin is a testament to their outstanding track record, as they have previously experienced the exceptional capabilities of the state-of-the-art Faccin straightening machine, R series, which was successfully installed at their facility in Turkey back in 2015. This new machine will effectively replace an outdated existing one, further enhancing Miilux’s operational efficiency.

Successful Long-Term Commercial Partnerships Fuel Growth

We were impressed by the Vossi Group’s excellent track record as the respected Finnish agent for the renowned Faccin Group. In addition, our direct positive experiences with the Faccin Group solidified our confidence in their brand, which is highly regarded by Miilux Oy.
A couple of years ago, we acquired a Faccin 4-roll plate bending machine 4HEL series. Previously, Miilux Oy has had a Faccin 3-roll variable geometry bending machine HAV series in use for a long time, so we have a lot of expertise with Faccin equipment. Our operators are satisfied with these user-friendly and reliable machines” – both located in Finland, confirms Mattila.

The FACCIN Group

We, at Faccin Group, are extremely pleased to announce the expansion of our partnership with a globally recognized company. This collaboration will enable us to deliver a state-of-the-art turnkey solution, which will further solidify our position as leaders in this specialized field. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our esteemed partner, Vossi Group Oy, for fostering a powerful synergy between the final user and supplier throughout the years. Their unwavering commitment to maintaining open lines of communication has been paramount to our mutual success.” Eng. Diego Morbini, Technical Sales Manager, at Faccin Group Italy

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