Solutions for the truck tank industry

Faccin: white & black truck image with a blue fuel oil tank

Faccin engineering to the service of the American fuel tank production factories

Powerful American Truck company partners with Faccin Group to find the right solution to the challenges of their new fuel tank production line.

A truck part manufacturing facility located in Texas producing fuel tanks and subassemblies for North American truck plants of a Fortune 500 truck manufacturer, has recently installed a complete fuel tank rolling system from Faccin and it is in full production now!

When the manufacturing company met the Faccin Group representatives, through a reference that knew the Italian company well, the specifications of what they needed were very clear. A complete fuel tank rolling system, inclusive of plate loading, barcode reader, automatic feeding table, maximum precision rolling machine, ejection system and conveyor to the welding station, and above all a system that would include the highest safety controls, extremely fast and had to be managed possibly by one single operator.

Faccin representatives proposed then the 4HEL model as the main rolling solution in order to comply with the company’s demands.

Faccin: blue plate roll with automatic loader, feeding table with new plate tilting system, automatic ejector and rolled can conveyorThe model features:

• Top rolling speed of 26 ft/min (8 mt/min) which provides the fastest rolling in the market;
Linear system for maximum precision and no recalibration after rolling, therefore full automation;
Completed with a top of the range laser-based safety system.

This proposal was accepted by the client as the right solution for their needs.


However, there were two great production challenges that needed to be addressed as well. On one hand, the plates had to be rolled on the opposite side they were piled up and on the other, the staked plates were all of different sizes and thicknesses, depending directly on the orders of tanks received from all the US territory.

In order to solve the first challenge, Faccin engineers designed a unique flipping system, never seen before that, placed on the feeding table, is able to position the plate on the right rolling side and once aligned is ready to be fed to the rolling machine, all these processes made simple and automatic by Faccin’s powerful CNC PGS Ultra.

The second challenge was addressed, discussed and implemented during the visit of the clients’s Operations Manager to Faccin’s facilities. The initial solution to the different types of plates being piled up was to add a barcode to each plate which later would be read and call the right rolling program from the CNC. However, this meant an additional process that would add time to the total production cycle and possibly human error. Faccin’s engineers again, found a solution to this challenge, one that recognized each plate through a combination of the different parameters already in place, subsequently calling the right program from the numeric control for the rolling of the specific tank, thus eliminating an additional process to the cycle, decreasing production time and removing human error from the equation, creating then a complete automated system.

This demonstrates once again the capabilities and potential of Faccin’s full in-house manufacturing process, from design to delivery of the most ingenious solutions to today’s production challenges around the world.

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