Sif Group prefers Faccin machines for Offshore Wind Foundations

The future of Wind Power is in the offshore and more and more companies are investing in new equipment to produce Offshore Wind Towers Foundations with the most competitive techniques.

Amongst the different types of foundations, Monopiles are without any doubt one of the most popular structures for the deep-water wind mills. The future of 10 and 12 MW turbines will require stronger structures with 11m (433,07″) diameters and thicknesses above 120mm (4,72″).

Following the market trend, Sif Group, one of the world leading companies for manufacturing Offshore Monopiles, decided to prepare themselves for their future production needs by investing in two new Faccin Plate Rolling Machines.

Considering the big thicknesses involved, the potential need of extra capacity and the high amount of conical bending required, the 3-Rolls HAV Variable Axis Machine was considered the ideal solution. Thanks to over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing this kind of machines, Faccin designed together with his customer the ultimate Plate Roll that will guarantee 24/7 maximum performances under heavy loads with top reliability.

“With these new Faccin rolling machines we increase our productivity of conical sections significantly and cement our position as one of the leading suppliers of monopiles in the world.
The three rolls machines design was our preferred choice for rolling of conical sections of the monopiles and, thanks to their extensive experience, we found in Faccin our ideal partner.
Thus far, we are very pleased with the cooperation with Faccin that designed these top quality machines and carried on the delivery and installation in an absolutely professional way.”  says Jos Buyks, Operations Manager at Sif Netherlands.

We are glad to present in the attached video, the state of the art FACCIN HAV 3 rolls Variable Axis Plate Rolling Machine and the amazing results you can achieve.

The HAV-42140, with its 4200mm (165,35″) width to accommodate wide plates and the huge bending force on the 1400mm (55,12″) diameter top roll, can guarantee the shortest flat part after pre-bending assuring the best achievable tolerances.

Faccin would like to introduce to all manufacturers the latest technology for series production of heavy-duty pipes by welcoming everybody to an organized factory tour in Visano, Italy.



Sif video