Wind Industry Manufacturing Overview: Solutions today to the challenges of the future

Do you speak WIND?

An insightful webinar presenting the views of key players on the wind energy manufacturing industry.


Join us for this unique event with wind energy experts sharing their knowledge and experience on the challenges in their current and future operations and manufacturing procedures and the opportunities laying ahead.




Thursday, 8th April


10AM (CET)


4PM (CET) – 10AM (EST) USA


Webinar highlights:

  • Latest report on the wind industry with essential market data, country profiles, trends and analysis.
  • Future challenges outlined by one of the world’s largest renewable energy operators.
  • Key facts, innovations and future developments on the wind energy Supply-Chain.



Mr. Feng Zhao
Head of Market Intelligence & Strategy

Giancarlo Groli
Civil/Structural OOE

Michael Kurstjens
Product Strategy Director

Eric Finé
Business Development Manager


Mr. Guo Ping
Executive Deputy General Manager


Robert Bergmann
Production Engineering


Joshua Invernizzi
Senior Regional Sales Manager


Jesper Aarup Hansen
Technical Sales Manager


Pablo de la Fuente
Sales Director


Diego Morbini
Senior Technical Sales Manager


Andrea Comparin
Senior Technical Area Manager


Rafael Soto
Senior Sales Area Manager

Javier Lanfranchi
Senior Sales Area Manager


We DO speak WIND


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