Faccin’s Automation System, a bright solution for Wind Towers fabricators

The Wind Tower market keeps growing at a steady pace and has become extremely competitive. Only those manufacturers that can deliver wind towers on-time and on-budget will stay eligible by the top Wind Farms Contractors for the supply of their wind towers.

SIAG, one of the leading suppliers to the energy industry with factories in Germany and Czech Republic, is capable to mass-produce rolled cans, with high precision and very limited involvement of the operator thus cutting costs and production time, by using Faccin’s Wind Tower Automation System, a system specially designed to provide manufacturers with the reliability, precision and automation required in this type of manufacturing processes.

Faccin’s system combines its powerful super-sized Faccin plate rolling machine with key components like a strong side support with clamps that permits the correct alignment of the plate before tack-welding, a sturdy top support for conical sections covering the full width of the plate and a totally motorized feeding table with alignment device to quickly prepare the plate for rolling, all these accessories controlled by a highly advanced fully-programmable CNC designed to automate the most complex rolling projects.

Like SIAG, a large number of the most important Wind Tower manufacturers around the world trust Faccin’s experience and successful track record of installed Wind Tower Automation Systems for their most exigent projects.

Please watch the video of the Automated Production of Wind Towers Sections!


Faccin’s Automation System