Precise Plate Rolling for Wind Towers


Precise plate rolling


Faccin has identified the ideal qualities of plate rolls for wind tower production: they must be fast, precise, reliable and user-friendly. The company offers solutions that support accurate, time-saving production and evaluation.

Since the 1990s, wind power production has been in constant development. More powerful turbines with longer blades require the construction of higher and stronger wind towers, onshore and offshore, and their construction is an important activity that generates huge business for steel fabrication companies specialising in the series production of towers.
Faccin has always been a reference point for the rolling equipment needed to build wind towers. Through years of experience and by working with its customers, it has developed specific solutions for this dedicated production, and defined the ideal plate rolls for the production of wind towers. They must be fast, precise, reliable and user-friendly.

“Faccin machines have superfast hydraulic systems and high power installed in order to reach the floor-to-floor production time of 20 minutes per rolled tube.”

Meeting the criteria
The wind tower business is highly competitive. As is the case in all series productions, the challenge is to optimise the cycle to cut production time. Faccin machines, thanks to the innovative ‘Faccin advantage package’, have superfast hydraulic systems and high power installed in order to reach the floor-to-floor production time of 20 minutes for each rolled tube.
Good rolling also means saving time in the subsequent steps of wind tower assembly and welding. Faccin machines can perform quality rolling and prebending of the plates, delivering perfect rolled cones to the welding stations. Their geometry and controls are studied to reach the tightest tolerances and minimise the rerolling percentage of the cones, which is a common problem
with lower-quality plate rolls.
Rolling machines for wind towers must work 24 hours a day and be highly reliable, guaranteeing minimum downtime. The oversized structure and components, the efficient cooling system and the centralised lubrication system make the Faccin 4HEL and 4HEP the most reliable rolling machines on the market. Faccin is well known as a trusted manufacturer, always delivering machines that perform what has been promised under heavy loads.
For wind towers to be fast and precise, the job must be easy for the operator. Faccin has perfected its PGS-Ultra computer numerical control (CNC), which is capable of automatically managing not only the machine but also the handling system.
Rolling hundreds of cans a month is easier with the Faccin Wind Tower Package. It comprises an automatic feeding table with automatic alignment of the conical shape, tiltable top support specially designed for supporting cones and side supports with a special clamping system for the fast alignment of the plate edges for tack-welding.
The advanced PGS-Ultra CNC is supplied with an iPad management application that can be used by managers to monitor productivity and machine status, and check capacities and production cost evaluation.

Expert supplier
The quality of its machines isn’t the only reason Faccin is chosen by leading wind tower manufacturers. It offers added value with its broad expertise in the wind tower business, including consultancy on layouts, training carried out by operators specialised in rolling wind towers, fast service and high spare-parts availability.
Faccin is proud to produce machines that contribute to green energy production. The company believes in the future of the wind tower business, onshore and offshore. In the offshore business, the use of plate rolls is particularly important and, in this sector, Faccin has already supplied main players in Europe, the US and Asia.

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