Pressure Vessels Manufacturers choose Faccin Plate Rolls for state-of-the-art rolling equipment


Faccin is presently completing another one of these plate rolling masterpieces which will be delivered to a leading Spanish company specialized in the production of Pressure Vessels and Steel Structures for Oil&Gas.

See this giant before it leaves our factory! 

The Oil & Gas market for Power Generation has gone over important changes through the years becoming increasingly more competitive on a global scale.

One of the main goals of Faccin’s R&D department has historically been to provide Pressure Vessels manufacturers with advanced solutions to their rolling needs in order to obtaine maximum accuracy and productivity especially when rolling heavy and super heavy-duty plates.

Few months back, after a long and thoughtful evaluation of the technical solutions available worldwide, the customer selected the Faccin HAV machine as the ideal solution to boost its production capabilities.

The Faccin model HAV is a 3 rolls machine with Variable Axis Geometry, in this case with capacity up to 4000mmx190mm (160″x7,5″), a perfect combination of power and precision that is ideal for:

  • Widest range of thicknesses for maximum versatility
  • Accurate pre-bending with minimum material waste
  • Heavy duty rolling
  • High tolerances calibration after welding for maximum quality

The HAV model, produced by Faccin since the 80’s and with a track record of thousands of successful installations, are machines with a proven optimized design featuring a heavy-duty oversized structure, 3 motorized rolls for full traction of the plate and a minimum offset of the rolls for extra-short flat edge after pre-bending.

This machine will be delivered with Numerical Control PGS-Ultra that includes the innovative Remote Service Management RSM, created by Faccin to assure superb service assistance by solving 90% of the issues within a few hours. The PGS-Ultra is also equipped with a new feature called Capacity Planner, which can assist the customer in indicating the machine capacities and jobs feasibility. Another milestone achieved in plate rolling technology.

The machine will be in the Faccin workshop for the next three weeks while our Logistics department gets everything ready to ship it to its new home.
Any customer interested now or further ahead in investing in a heavy-duty rolling machine is most welcome to our facilities in order to have a closer look to the state of the art rolling equipment fabricated by Faccin for the Oil&Gas Industy.